I started writing a novel not too long ago. It’s my first attempt in this craft in about thirty years and I’m doing it in English which isn’t my first language.
I started writing my novel the old fashion way , with a pen and paper . After I wrote the prologue and started the first chapter I grabbed a spiral notebook and proceeded the copy what I had done so far in readable handwriting then I did some changes .When I was satisfied with what I had I again copied it this time in to my computer .Just like I did when I was in high school . What a long process and it seemed never ending …
After that I tried writing directly from my I PAD , got an app for writing , I was all set ……wrong !!!! I hated it . Why ? I don’t really know .I guess I’m not totally sold on the smart everything , so I’m going to go back to the dark ages and do it the old fashion way .If you ever read this book of mine . Please remember that it was written by a true romantic